Savvy Tips on Pine Firewood Burning for Happy Households

This article shall give you outlines on burning pines smartly and safely, either at your home and outdoors.

Pine as Firewood in Your Home: Warmth or Disaster?

Pine firewood was proven to be a great combustion agent. But some people would sacrifice their right hand for never being asked to use it indoors. Have you ever heard such opinions?  Ever tried to understand the reason?

If you are flattering on an image of lodgepole pine firewood burning nicely in your chimney, consider creosote emanations. Not only are they bad for your health, but, when accumulated (and this can happen within just 2 years, or even less), they become very flammable. The worst thing is such fire can be hardly extinguished.

However, quality pine is an unbelievable kindling material. If you take a dry chip of it, youíll save your efforts, yet get a nice fire in good time.

pine mountain fire logs

Is Pine Good Firewood for Campfire?

Pines can give you plenty of warmth, when dry.

The main features of pine are it is

  1. Soft
  2. Dry
  3. Evergreen

All these make it not only a perfect kindling, but also a great source of flame for open areas. And here we come to campfires, BBQs, etc.

If you've ever experienced a camping activity of any sort, youíll definitely remember those enjoyable moments, when you were seated in front of burning flames, next to a chubby pinyon pine firewood. You just were not able to take your eyes off the flames, gazing and drifting into a dreamy trance, wrapped in sweet scent of pine smoke.

is pine good firewood

Pinon pine firewood gives intensive and fast fire. Yet you need to stay at the safe side: always take only dry pieces of pinewood, keep distance from an open fire source, make a store of pine mountain fire logs, so that you donít run out of them in the middle of the night.

Is it Easy to Cut Pine for Firewood?

Pinewood can be cut really easily. Actually, this kind of wood cannot be compared to any other in processing ease. The only difficulty you can face is getting rid of knots. Using a sharp knife for thinner species, and a steel saw for thicker ones, can be a solution. As for any kind of wood, make sure you are dealing with a dry trunk. It is both easier to cut and better for fast and smoke-free flames.

lodgepole pine firewood

 Which Sorts of Pine Make Quality Pine?

Norway pine, or Pinus resinosa, or red pine is a sort of pine trees, which is native for the North-East of the USA. This softwood is a perfect source of fast flame, so you can rely upon it, when toasting marshmallows, roasting weenies, or making flapjacks.

Needless to say, teenage campfirers  should be accompanied by adults.

What is also nice about red pine is that it burns completely, leaving not more than a handful of ashes. Thatís why itís so good for leaving the ground clean after your stay.

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